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How silence can help you find your calling

November 22, 2009


Me: Hello God?  Are you up there?  I need to talk. God: I’m listening. Me: So I really want to find my calling, and I have all these ideas, and I keep writing things down, but I don’t know what to do with all the information . . . God: Well, you can . . […]

Day 16 – Self Acceptance = Growth + Progress

November 14, 2009


I have a wee, tiny confession to make.  Sometimes I yell at my son.  Loud, angry, guilt-inducing yelling. Until recently, Number 1 Son has been used to succeeding easily in school, waiting until the last minute to get things done and pulling great results out of the fire.  This year, he’s moved to a gifted […]

Day 11 – Busting through my limiting beliefs

October 27, 2009


Tough question: who has called you the worst names – and what were they? This was a tough question to face.   It troubles me to think about people who see me in a negative light – so I don’t.  I avoid the idea, and I make every effort to lock the memory of those […]

Day 8 – The power of your voice

October 18, 2009


On Day 8 my guided journal suggests thinking about voices you love to hear.  For some reason I could not identify a particular person’s voice I loved to hear.  I think I was interpreting the question too narrowly.  Certainly there are many situations when I love hearing the voices of my friends, family, Seal . . […]

Day 4 – listening to other voices, listening to myself

October 5, 2009


Today’s prompt is about listening.  When you stop to think about the sounds around you, you notice some surprising things.  For me, I tune out so much of the noise around me (ok, I have 2 boys, if I didn’t tune some things out I would go mad).  Noise, chaos, and (the sounds of ) […]