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Chain, Chain Change – Are You Ready to Change?

June 8, 2010


I just read a super-short post from The City Girl Chronicles wherein Marjorie gives herself an incredible birthday gift. The gift?  FREEDOM. How did she wrap the gift?  In a resignation from a job she disliked. This gift was a long time in coming, even though the job was unfulfilling, the environment was hostile, the […]

Be the Hero of Your Story

May 18, 2010


– photo by wallyg via Today Josh Hanagarne, the World’s Strongest Librarian, wrote about Hercules and what his modern Labors might look like. That got me to thinking about heroes.  Heroes are sometimes born for the work (Hercules couldn’t help it as the son of Zeus), sometimes they choose the hero’s quest (Theseus choosing […]

Google Owns Its Space. Do You?

May 11, 2010


[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=google&iid=7744174″ src=”7/b/7/5/New_Goojje_web_8569.JPG?adImageId=12819282&imageId=7744174″ width=”380″ height=”201″ /] What do the following words have in common? Xerox Kleenex Bandaid Google Did you guess?  They’re all brand names.   AND – the companies involved became so good in their industries – their space – that their brand names became synonymous with their products. For a long […]

Spread your ideas – learn to speak in public

May 6, 2010


A long, long time ago, I wanted to become a lawyer.  I applied to law school and was admitted.  The month before school started, reflecting on my vast knowledge of being a lawyer (gleaned mainly from watching episodes of L.A. Law), I realized that, as a lawyer, I would have to speak in front of […]