GOAL: write!

  • Get the costume and tools of a writer – great paper, notebooks for ideas and plans, great pens (January)
  • subscribe to 2 writing magazines, join James River Writers, continue to participate in my critique group (January)
  • feather my sacred writing nest 🙂 (January)
  • Experiment – try humor, satire, more storytelling (ongoing)
  • produce 15 blog posts or other content every month for 40 days to change, produce 5 posts every month for skirt.com (ongoing)
  • write, edit and submit 4 short stories or articles for publication (submit one each quarter, first submission by March 31)
  • edit my NaNoWriMo manuscript (by e.o. February), get it printed (March), obtain feedback from critique group and “test readers (April), research agents interested in children’s authors, especially those that have worked with first time authors (May), submit my MS to 30 agents by May 31st
  • find related blogs and build relationships with the writers
  • 3rd or 4th quarter – investigate starting another blog (photography or business law)
  • when daily visits and subscriptions > 100, obtain my own domain name
  • third quarter: research acceptable possibilities to make extra money by blogging

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