GOAL: Make or appreciate art and music

  • Take pictures every week.  Experiment.
  • Visit museum or gallery or other cultural site 2x/month
  • Take an art class (summer or fall)
  • Try out for church choir?
  • Get the kids involved with music and art

2 Responses “GOAL: Make or appreciate art and music” →
  1. Hey Ami,

    Saw you comment on Ridiculously Extraordinary, so here I am!

    How are you doing with your 2010 goals? Really cool that you compiled them as you did–so how’s it going? Any tips that you’ve learned along the way?

    And what’s it like to have set your goals out in public–do you feel any accountability pressure? Is that helping you?

  2. Hi Matt! I am doing good – and bad! – with my goals. And I think my experience is typical – for me.

    I think I must have a bit of exhibitionist (or maybe extremely low embarrassment factor) to publish my goals because the fact that other people could see them did not necessarily light a fire under my arse. BUT! The fact that I sat down long enough to try to articulate the things that were important to me (at the time) DID help. And the fact that people would see them did affect the care I put into identifying my goals. That process left a bit of a mental ‘tickler’ in the back of my brain. So, even when I wasn’t actively executing my goals, they’ve all been in the back of my mind, and my brain has, both consciously and subconsciously, looked for the right opportunities. (thus ‘luck’ = work + opportunity)

    And, as a result of the ‘work’ – of trying to identify goals that were aligned with my values – I’ve had a few wonderful opportunities crop up. Can’t speak to all of them, as some are still in development, but as an example, I took the leap of faith and joined my church choir (this was scary for me but has been so, so fulfilling), and I made more of an effort to attend artistic and cultural events and venues.

    As another example, my “Love my body” goal has not turned out as I anticipated – partly due to some lower back issues this year. However, I discovered yoga and made an arrangement with a local yoga studio to take classes in exchange for writing a newsletter. (thereby hitting 2 goals!) This example also highlights the benefit of being flexible – things may not turn out as you envision them, but they might turn out even better, which in my mind fulfills the goal. Sometimes you have to be willing to cut your losses and move in a different direction.

    Anyways, hope this is helpful. Did you set goals? It’s not too late if you haven’t 🙂 What’s your approach?


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