GOAL: Love my body

  • do 20 minutes of something fun and energetic (running, walking, yoga, hula hooping! dancing, biking, hiking, etc.) every day (ongoing)
  • register for Monument Avenue 10K (January)
  • set a PR (target sub 70 minutes) in the Monument Avenue 10K (March 27), follow a safe and low-key training plan (ongoing)
  • register for half marathon (April/May)
  • Run the Richmond half marathon (November), follow a safe and low-key training plan, set a half marathon PR (target sub 2:45 hrs) (ongoing)
  • Learn to hula hoop, make a hula hoop (January)
  • Eat something delicious and healthy every day (ongoing)
2 Responses “GOAL: Love my body” →
  1. Hi Ami, Love your blog. It was one of the first to inspire me to write mine. As part of your love your body goal. I’d like to send you a gift from one of my new ventures – I have been using it everyday. It’s a great enhancement to my health and wellbeing programme. He gives me that extra energy to live the jampacked action filled life I have planned for my self over the next 12 months! The drink is an antitoxidant drink made of five superfruits. It’s fab. It’s called Le Vive. http://www.ardysslife.com/levive-juice.aspx?ID=healthstyle. Thanks for your inspiring blog. Best Z

  2. @Zena: thanks! I’m humbled to think I could have any influence on your very hip blog. love it.


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