FTC Disclosure

The FTC wants to protect you and me from, uh, people like me who might publish reviews and endorsements of products they receive for free from advertisers.  So bloggers like me must disclose any freebies, payments, relationships, etc.  As an aside I find it interesting that BLOGGERS on the INTERNET – that rollicking, crazy, chaotic, free-form universe of swirling energy – must disclose their relationships to potential advertisers on their blogs, for fear of hurting the very readers we long for, while LOBBYISTS and PACs with misleading names can post disgusting, damaging, ridiculous political advertisements on television and elsewhere with less transparency.

Here’s my disclosure: I don’t currently get freebies, payments, relationships, etc. But if anyone out there wants to send me free stuff, free payments, etc. PLEASE DO!  I LOVE FREE STUFF.

If I get free stuff to review, I will share my true opinion about it.  It may well be biased because I LOVE people who give me free stuff.  But it will be my true opinion.  I will disclose that I got the item(s) free because I like to brag about getting free stuff.  I will endeavor to make the review entertaining as well as authentic.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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