How To

Sometimes the hardest part of changing yourself is getting started – and the hardest part of getting started is knowing how to start.  Here are some posts that will show you how to get started finding your calling.  Some of them are in a straightforward ‘How To’ format, but some are reflections on how I have done things.  None of them is absolute, use them as starting points to start YOUR change:

There are a lot of ideas here.  Read them to get your own idea  machine warmed up – then come up with some great ways to get started on YOUR change or finding YOUR calling.  Feel free to share any great ideas – or shout out if you want to brain storm.  I am ALWAYS up for a brainstorming session, via comments or email (ami DOT kim100 AT gmail DOT com)  Substitute the “.” for the DOTs and the “@” for the AT and you’ve got me.  That’s the number 100 after kim, by the way.  Try!  Do!  Experiment! And have fun.
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