Get Inspired

When we’re trying to make a change, sometimes knowing that something is possible is all it takes to make things happen.  This page is about stretching our brains, either by reading about other people who’ve done incredible things or by thinking about old issues, problems or challenges in new ways.  Having the broadest possible view of what is possible makes our own potential greater.  Here are some posts and stories about people who did something amazing (sometimes succeeding at their original quest – and sometimes failing) and, in the process, changed themselves, changed the world, or changed our understanding of what’s possible.  I will also use this page to share stories of people who have found their calling and are living in their sweet spot.

Here are some posts about amazing people:

Here are some posts about stretching your brain.  Change the way you think.  Now what does the world look like?  What are YOUR possibilities?

Are you feeling inspired?  Great!  Want some tips on what to do next?  Try my How To Page.  It’s loaded with all kinds of ideas to get you started on your big change.

Do you know any inspiring stories – of people doing things that were supposed to be impossible, of overcoming obstacles of age, disability, circumstance, and of succeeding despite social or normative pressures and expectations?  Or even of failing – and learning and teaching important lessons at the same time?  Please share!  I love to read these stories, and I would love to share them.

Thanks – and good luck with Your quest.


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