About me

Hi there!  Welcome to my blog, written in the heart of Virginia in the United States.  I am a wife and mom, daughter and friend.  I have been a lawyer and a banker.  And I am a writer!

I love to tell stories, to connect with people, to solve puzzles.  I am searching for my calling, trying to express myself creatively while also supporting my family.  I have always been someone who got things done – for other people.  I have also made a number of “safe” choices to get things done, to secure approval, to succeed.  It’s time to put aside fear and conventionality and focus on building and stewarding my own gifts.  Hopefully my posts will help YOU with taking risks, trying new things, finding and defining your passions and your calling, and living an authentic life.

I’d love to hear your stories – please leave a comment below or email me at:

ami DOT kim100 AT gmail DOT com (you know, substitute “.” for DOT and “@” for AT and you’ll get it)

Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you!


P.S. – If you want some quick ideas on getting started, check out my tabs at the top of the page entitled “How To” and “Get Inspired.”  They’ll motivate you with stories about people who’ve accomplished amazing things or found their sweet spot, and they’ll give you ideas about how to get your own amazing change started.  Have fun.

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  1. Truc Brown

    January 11, 2010


    I had no idea what you’ve been up to but NOW I know. This is fantastic…I just started reading, but can’t wait to get time (hahahahaha) to read the rest.

    Can’t wait to catch up with you on Wednesday at Betty’s.


  2. Hi, Ami –

    Thanks for coming to the Schumann concert at WCVE yesterday. It is great to know that our wonderful volunteers enjoy these events as much as the staff.

    I really like your blog; it is very uplifting and a welcome departure from all the blogs that compete against one another to see how many four-letter words can be used – lol.

    My little story: I set a goal in early 2006 to set foot on each of the 7 continents before I turned 50 this September. I completed my goal in Vung Tau, Vietnam, in March 2009 along with my dear husband and best friend, Jong. I initially set the goal as part of my recovery from a serious depression what I refer to as my “8th continent.” I have been well and medication-free for several years and learned a lot about myself during the process and the goal, mostly that travel and goal-setting are the best medicine!

    • @Angel: Wow – What an amazing goal – and to complete it in 3 years is a feat! Would love to learn more 🙂

      And – I feel privileged and delighted to get a glimpse of everyone behind the scenes at WCVE – what a great group and great stories.


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