Loving my body

Posted on October 20, 2010


Today – I have read – is Love My Body Day.  I’ve read some good posts on ways people want to love their bodies here and here (including a stunning video by Joy Tanksley).

While this doesn’t seem like a typical post for my blog, I want to examine the idea for a moment, as an exercise in changing the way we think about things – which IS one of the aims of my blog.  While many of the posts today seem to focus on moving away from the angst and love/hate relationship that many of us have with our bodies – and beauty and attractiveness and body image (perhaps mostly in the US),

I think it’s a good day to remember the fantastic way our bodies handle the mundane, overlooked, ordinary things of life.

For example:

  • I love the fact that I can smell the difference between good milk and slightly off milk – regardless of the date on the carton.  (I can also smell when someone who shall remain anonymous has forgotten to flush)
  • I can hear the difference between a baby’s cry for hunger or attention – and its cry when it’s hurt or scared.  (well, except for my daughter’s cries.  She learned as an infant that screaming like a banshee was the quickest way to get service.  Thank goodness she grew out of that.)  I can also still hear when the kids have the TV on really, really low, hoping I won’t notice.
  • I can feel the difference between cheap, scratchy yarn and . . . cashmere.  Wow.
  • When I slow down, I can taste and enjoy the amazing flavor of oranges – and I notice the oily, chemical flavor of packaged cookies.  Ok, the chemical flavor is subtle, and it DOES pair with sweet and yummy can’t resist sometimes.  But it’s there if you slow down to notice.
  • I can see – and appreciate – the way light makes my kids’ hair glow, the tiny shadows that help us see three dimensions in drawings – and the drop of mustard on my son’s shirt on picture day.
  • I love the way my heart feels when I’m standing in the middle of the choir – and everyone is singing some fantastic piece of old music just right, and all the voices are blending into a lyrical, awesome celebration.
  • I love the way fall feels cold and crisp on the edges, warm and cozy on the inside.
  • I love being able to run through a corn maze with my kids.
  • I love the feeling of belly laughs, cuddles and gross, slurpy kisses from my dog.  and my kids.
  • I love the feeling of books and the sights, sounds and smells of book stores and libraries.
  • I love the fact that my body WORKS.  I can walk and talk and run and play.  I can eat (and eliminate!) and itch and scratch.  I can bleed – and donate blood.  I can feel so good – and feel so bad.  What a miracle.

There are so many reasons – and ways – to love our bodies.

What do YOU love about your body?


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