Time for fun – try the Magical Quest-o-Meter today!

Posted on May 17, 2010



I think my innately Serious Person side is creeping back, perhaps the result of completing a few job applications.

CAN YOU HELP ME!  I need someone to help me have fun.

So, I have added a new feature to the blog:

The Magical Quest-o-Meter

Tadaa! [Cue musical flourish]

What, you may ask, is the Magical Quest-o-Meter?  Why, it’s a magical answer machine.  Just pose any question about your quest via the comments and, quick as a wink (or as quickly as the Magical Quest-o-Meter can get to it, whichever comes first), you’ll get your answer.  Big questions, small questions, serious questions and silly questions, the Magical Quest-o-Meter will answer them all.  Can’t decide on a quest?  Ask the Magical Quest-o-Meter.  Don’t know if you’re on the right track?  Ask the Magical Quest-o-Meter.  Is your quest too big – or too small?  Ask the Magical Quest-o-Meter.  Should you marry the guy? [Cue screeching brakes sound] Go find a relationship site!  The Magical Quest-o-Meter will answer any question about your quest for vocation or for meaning but leaves relationship questions to the experts.

Try it.  You’ll like it.  Maybe we’ll both get a laugh.


p.s. – have any friends who need a smile?  Share the Magical Quest-o-Meter!

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