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Posted on April 23, 2010


Seth Godin at Flanders DC.
I am slowly, but with increasing speed, becoming a rabid fan of Seth Godin.

First, the guy blogs in tiny bursts of concentrated wisdom.  What’s not to like?  100 seconds of reading and I have a meaty concept to think about and perhaps an idea for change, improvement or paradigm shifting.

Second, Seth G’s ideas are about shaking up your sleepy, compliant, socially acceptable self and charging up your inner change agent.  Do you want to make a difference?  Do you want to leave a legacy? Think about it. What is your LEGACY?

Are you socially acceptable?

  • Is your goal to go to work, make decent money, get a pat on the back?
  • Are you compliant at work?  Do you always follow the rules?
  • Before finishing a project, do you call in the lawyers (or the boss) and incorporate all their suggestions and comments, even if they make the project run late?
  • Do you faithfully report the status of your work?
  • Do you know exactly whom or what to blame for the failure or tardiness of your work?
  • Are you the person who NEVER fails?

Alternatively – do you LEAD?

  • Is your goal to change the status quo, to create change, to make a difference or leave a legacy?
  • Do you break rules at work – and do you have an intention and a reason for breaking rules?
  • Do you invite lawyers and bosses at the beginning of a project – and then say NO to future engagement in favor of shipping the end product out
  • Do you ship?
  • Do you ship?
  • Do you sometimes fail?  Do you take big risks?

Seth’s point is that, while in the past, it may have been acceptable to follow the rules, do what the boss says and avoid making waves – those types of jobs become less and less valuable – and, ironically, less and less secure.  It’s EASY to follow directions and avoid risk.  In the new world order, people who can make things happen, who can ‘ship,’ who take risks (and sometimes fail) and who sometimes choose to break the rules, those people will be the ones making a difference.  Those people create value.  Those people leave a legacy.

This is hard work.  But it can be done.

Here’s a recording of a master class that Seth led, talking about these concepts from his book Linchpin.  It’s long but worth a listen.

What about you?  Do you feel like you’re socially acceptable?  Or are you more of a rule breaker?  Is Seth on to something?  Or is this crazy talk?  Please share in the comments.

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