You’re NEVER too old to do what you love

Posted on April 22, 2010


Just saw this great story on the web.


  • 99 year old lady  with glaucoma, who has difficulty reading due to her glaucoma, gets her very first computer.
  • It’s an iPad
  • iPads permit users to adjust brightness and font size
  • iPads are easy to use
  • Lady can now read her beloved books again, using her new toy

Not only does this story combine 2 things I love – namely an Apple product and a nice old lady – but it makes me so happy to see someone taking so much delight in something that she loves, something that we usually take for granted: being able to read what we want.  There’s a video showing Virginia Campbell (that’s the heroine of our story) playing with her new iPad – and but for being a bit taller and not using phrases like “Awesome, dude” – she could be a 12 year old kid rejoicing in a cool new toy.  She even used her iPad to write some limericks:

To this technical-ninny it’s clear
In my compromised 100th year,
That to read and to write
Are again within sight
Of this Apple iPad pioneer.

Lessons for today:

  • You’re NEVER too old to do what you love
  • You can keep doing what you love if you remain open to new experiences and if you’re willing to try new things
  • You can never go wrong with an Apple product. (LOL, sorry, that’s not a lesson, that’s a blatant plug.  Steve Jobs, if you want to send me a free iPad, just email me at ami [DOT] kim100 [AT] gmail [DOT] com. 😉

It’s a great story and a wonderful video.  Check it out.

thanks, Ami

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