Bad time + great time + friendship = Most Excellent Day

Posted on March 29, 2010


Update on the Monument Avenue 10K: one of the best 10k events ANYWHERE.  Fabulous weather, sunny and cold.  Limitless porta-potties = no lines.  Fantastic organization, enthusiastic crowds, melodic bands.  If you like to run, consider Richmond, VA in the springtime.

My personal time: an embarrassing 1:18 (ouch, ouch, ouch).  And at this point, I’m gonna throw my girlfriend/running buddy under the bus.  Because, after I warned her not to grab that third pre-race cup of coffee, she grabbed the coffee, chugged it down, INSISTING all the while, INSISTING, I tell you, that she would not have to stop to use the facilities during the race, after all that, of course.

Approaching mile marker 1 at a great clip.  Porta-potties 50 ft before the first mile marker.  We hit the porta-potties at around 11 minutes – a fantastic pace for slow me.  We hit mile marker 1 – did I mention mile marker 1 was 50 FEET past the porta potties??? – at 13:07, quite a bit slower.  That first mile set the tone for the rest of the race.

Now, in fairness, girlfriend was not feeling 100%.  In fairness, girlfriend strongly urged me to run ahead and let her walk it in.  And, in fairness, I said, “no, no, I want to do this together, we’ll take it nice and easy.”  So, while running 6.2 miles in 1:18 is awfully slow (as in, walkers passed us), it was a beautiful day, I was running with a good friend and I felt great the whole time.  Imagine my surprise when girlfriend, upon hearing my calculation of our time, said, “Oooh, I’m really disappointed in that time.”  What, do you listen to yourself?

S’okay, a slow but fun 10k.

Next stop: Buzz and Ned’s Barbecue.  Richmond barbecue joint, beat Bobby Flay at his own game, fabulous ribs and brisket.  Yum.

Then: French Film Festival at the historic Byrd Theater.  Amazing film: Le Herisson, in French with subtitles.  Humor, great acting, quiet but great emotional depth, plus Q&A with the female lead after the film.  Outstanding and cultural.  Rushed out to buy the book, en francais (to feel cultured) et en anglais (to understand what the French version says).

Followed by: dinner at Can Can Brasserie in fabulous Carytown.  Superbe!  I can’t say it enough, Richmond, Virginia is a fantastic town.

Wait, there’s more.  2 rounds of Euchre, boys against girls, each side won one round.


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