What’s holding you back? Think again

Posted on March 23, 2010


running for their lives

My friend Donna sent me an article about a group of runners who will be running the Monument Avenue 10K race this coming weekend (along with me and 37,000 of our closest friends :))  These runners face the same challenges that every runner faces: finding time and discipline to train, nursing injury, trying to exceed old records.  Plus one more.  At least at the moment, these runners are homeless.

The article is also about a man, Dan Blankenship, who read about another runner coordinating a running program for homeless people in Philadelphia. Soon afterward, Dan found himself running near a group of homeless men, and when they greeted him, he asked himself, “Why not in Richmond?”  Dan did the legwork to collect donations of running clothes and race entry fees, worked with local YMCAs to obtain access for his group, led training runs, and even did laundry for the group so they would have clean clothes for their runs.

I think this story is about a man who stopped to think, who hit the pause button on his routine long enough to ask himself, “What can I do?” and then did it.

I think this story is also about people who could easily fill their days with the hunt for food, safe shelter, clothing, and other basic necessities, who said, “I need for my life to mean something more than survival” and then found something.

This is a story about stretching our boundaries or stretching our expectations –  a little or maybe a lot.

Can you stretch?  For yourself – or for someone else?  Have you?  Please share your experiences.  The story gave me goosebumps.  Read it here.