Weekend musings: restructuring your life, creating, and encountering surprise

Posted on March 19, 2010


3 thoughts for your weekend:

1. First, my friend Kelly wrote something on her blog that made me think.  She shared the idea (passed along from a friend) of planning your life around God, rather than trying to fit God into your life.  Whoa.  Instant paradigm shift.

I feel that much of my life is spent receiving and executing orders from others and from elsewhere, responding to requests, reacting to stimuli.  What would happen if we (I) identified what was most important – and proactively built our (my) lives around that, rather than trying to fit in what was important– and THEN handled the orders, requests and stimuli.  I think the result could be life changing.

2. Second, Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist posted the question on his Facebook page: What will you create this weekend? Hmmm.  Such responsibility.  Even if you don’t limit it to the weekend (for anyone planning to try unplugging for a day), consider: What have you created?  What will you create?  How will you make a difference?

3. Finally, a random thought: when was the last time you were surprised? If it’s been a while, why do you think that is?  Can you seek out situations or people or puzzles that will add surprise to your life?  Climb out of that groove you’ve worn into the tracks of your life – and go explore.  Then report back.

Have a great weekend, all.  Would love to know your thoughts on any or all of the above – please share in the comments.

thanks, Ami

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