How what I want can divert me from my calling

Posted on January 28, 2010


I have been compiling a list in my head.  A list of the Stuff I want to buy once I start making the Big Money.  Stuff like:

  • DSLR with which to take fabulous pictures
  • iPhone – the height of coolness and fun
  • hip wardrobe
  • fancy closet organizers

But yesterday, I saw the light.  None of this stuff is worth the mental energy.

Because yesterday – I saw the iPad.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=ipad&iid=7691200″ src=”7/5/0/8/Apple_unveil_iPad_cf87.JPG?adImageId=9583665&imageId=7691200″ width=”500″ height=”640″ /]

So beautiful.  So cool.  It can do everything for me.  If I get one, I will be hip, cool, smart and sassy.  Who needs organized closets when you’re spending your time watching movies on your iPad?  Who needs hip clothing when carrying an iPad is like turning on the “I’m a cool chick” beacon?  I want that.

I have spent a good bit of time cogitating on this iPad, coming up with eminently sensible reasons why I should have an iPad, imagining my coolness factor as I sport the iPad around town, identifying the movies I will watch when I have my  new iPad.  In that time, I could have taken some fabulous pictures with my trusty point and shoot camera and posted them in a blog post.  I could have learned ways to make money in an unconventional career.  I could have put together a puzzle with my kids.

It seems to me that people sometimes hesitate to pursue their calling because of perceived financial barriers.  Thinking that pursuing their calling will cause financial ruin, will cost more than they can afford, is something to do after they reach a secure retirement.  But I think that’s an excuse to avoid making the leap.  You can choose to pursue your calling in the evenings or weekends.  You can choose to do just a little bit to get a taste of what it’s like and try just a little more every week.  And you can choose to spend your limited funds on tools that advance your quest – or you can choose to spend your funds on pretty toys that won’t make a difference to your quest.

Well, the virtual, iPad-inspired drooling in MY brain probably will not stop any time soon.  But I can take a little comfort in re-focusing my thoughts (after I wipe off my chin) and asking myself some key questions:

  • Is this toy critical to providing food, shelter, or security?
  • Will this pretty toy REALLY move the ball for me in finding or pursuing my calling? (given the tools I already have)
  • What tool(s) WILL make a visible and measurable difference in my quest?

So, no iPad for me (today).  But I’m adding it to the List.  A girl can dream.

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