Glorious, joyful YOU

Posted on January 13, 2010


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Right now, stop and think.  Have you found your calling, your sweet spot?  Are you still looking?

Picture yourself completely, deeply, thoughtlessly engaged in that glorious, joyful something.  What makes you grin and laugh and dance?  What fills your heart with gladness?

Savor that feeling for a moment.

Then, ask yourself, what’s the very first, tiny little thing I need to do to get there?

No time to do that little thing?  Think smaller.  Commit and put it on your calendar.


  • Today I will save one day on my calendar – WHEN? – to plan my trip around the world, starting with naming the five countries I MUST visit.  I will start a file of clippings, websites and resources for travelers in those countries
  • On Monday I will sit quietly for 30 minutes and just contemplate all the things that make me smile
  • Tomorrow I will sign up for that race
  • On Friday I will buy the most beautiful, high quality journal I can find at the stationery store
  • On January 21st I will sign up for Latin dance lessons
  • Right now I will . . .

What is your thing?  What little step can you take to get it, get there, make a tiny bit of progress.  Do it.  Then make an appointment with yourself to take the next little step.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

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