Outrageous Goals – Outrageous Ideas, we got ’em

Posted on December 26, 2009


Everyone have their outrageous goals for 2010?  No?  Just for those of you who might be feeling stuck, or unmotivated or blase about your goals for 2010, here are some ideas to get your brains going:

  1. Find your calling, follow your passion – Start a blog! This one’s not just for writers.  Even if you’re a beginner – blog about the process of becoming a master!  Show everyone the wonder and excitement of your journey.  Blogging will help you pursue your calling by giving you:
    • Connection: You will connect with others who love your calling.  You will learn from your network, expand your sense of the possibilities by interacting with your network and derive more joy from your calling as part of that community.  Just like virtual dating – without the messy break-ups.
    • Identity: You will declare yourself: I am a . . . photographer, cook, motorcycle repairman, tiger tamer.  And having declared yourself, you will look at things in the manner of [insert identity here], you will hear things, you will think about things, and experience things, all in a way that reinforces that identity.
    • Accountability: Your readers will hold you accountable – and you will hold yourself accountable – for pursuing your goals
    • Mastery: A blog encourages doing – for how else will you show progress. Doing begets muscle memory, which begets mastery.  Also you will get feedback from others with the same passion, which will encourage you to improve and provide you with alternative ways of looking at your calling.
    • Hipness (no, not hippyness, unless your calling is organic, green earthy granola crunching): Welcome to the 21st century.  All the cool kids are blogging.
  2. Okay – don’t want to blog, how about Save the World (a little bit at a time)?  Saving the world can be such a depressing proposition.  The world is so big, and there’s so much wrong with it.  Big Sigh.  So much easier to blame someone else – big government, bad corporations, apathetic other people – about the problem and shake our heads.  But every big project can start out looking intimidating – until someone breaks it down into manageable pieces.  So, if you want to Save the World, try one of the following:
    • Ask yourself, “How am I – yes I – contributing to [the problem that bugs me the most]?” And see if there’s just one tiny little thing you can do, every week, to change YOURSELF that will make a tiny little dent in the big problem.  If it’s pollution and global warming, can I just decline straws at the take-out place?  Can I stop requesting plastic grocery bags and bring re-usable cloth bags to the grocery store?  Do one tiny little thing and keep doing it every day or every week.  And be satisfied.  If you can handle more, add to the list.  Or, better yet, see if you can get one more person to do that same tiny little thing.  If you can do that tiny thing consistently, all year long – you’ve helped to save the world.
    • Solve one tiny little piece of the problem.  I hate the fact that it’s difficult for low-income families to find decent, affordable housing.  I can’t solve that problem.  But I can wield a hammer, and helping out for just a couple of days to build a house for Habitat for Humanity – even in the heat of summer, even when I was 7 months pregnant – was completely manageable.  And it felt great to make that tiny little bit of difference to one family.
    • Do it your way.  You don’t have to wait for someone to organize an event or create a role for you.  Does the trash on the side of the road bug you?  Put on a reflective vest and grab a trash bag!  What bugs you the most?  What can YOU do to change the situation that will make YOU feel a little better?  Think big, think creatively, don’t limit yourself.  Put it on your goal list for 2010.
  3. Bliss out.  Goals fail so often.  One reason is that they can be soooooooo painful (anyone resolve to lose 10/20/30/more pounds next year?)  Pick one goal just for you to do one thing that brings you joy – and commit to it.  Call it a goal for 2010.  Sometimes we avoid doing what brings us joy because . . . all the “shoulds” haven’t gotten done, it would disrupt the routine, it would require effort.  Make the commitment to do that thing that brings you joy once a day, once a week, once a month, whatever makes sense for all of 2010.  When you feel that you’ve done something for YOU, when you’ve put forth the effort to bring yourself joy, something marvelous happens.  You have more energy for “shoulds.”  You look for ways to pay it forward.  You smile.  And what kind of world would it be if everyone felt that way?  UPDATE: The New York Times agrees with me, so I must be right.

So, now it’s up to you.  Pick an outrageous goal for 2010 – or if you’re feeling ambitious, draw up two or more.  Make them audacious, make them about YOU.  And get ready.  Because 2010 is going to be amazing.

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