Stretch your mind, stretch your body, achieve the unimagineable

Posted on November 25, 2009


Another wonderful story from the NY Times.

Gregg Mozgala, a young actor with cerebral palsy learned to dance with the assistance and support of dedicated choreographer Tamar Rogoff, and started to feel nerves and body parts he had never felt before.

She set out to choreograph a dance piece especially for him, adapted to his body and his capabilities.  As they worked together, his body began to change.  And in the end, the work helped him to change the way he walked, from a stiff, unbalanced, and obviously limited style, to something much less remarkable, more fluid and “normal.”  Because the choreographer and the dancer used the experience to explore and experiment, rather than clinging to Mozgala’s initially limiting view of his own capabilities, they achieved more than anyone expected.

There’s an incredible video clip with the article that’s worth watching – you can see both the grace of Mr. Mozgala’s movements in the dance and just hints of his disability.

Click here to read Mr. Mozgala’s story – and prepare to be awed.  And ask yourself: Am I holding myself back with any limiting beliefs – and is there any way  I can  challenge those limiting beliefs?

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